Executive Search Process

It is said that wide-ranging and systematic search is the most effective approach to finding the high calibre individuals that can become an integral part of management in a precise and timely manner. The consultants at TRANSEARCH Japan are not only experienced business managers with wide experience in management, they are also required to possess the character necessary to gain and maintain the confidence of both our client firms and candidates. The strictest standards are applied to our researchers as well, and only specialists who have completed rigorous special training are engaged in candidate searches based on detailed and precise search guidelines. At our company, consultants and researchers form special teams to approach and interview many candidates, to discover and introduce only the best qualified candidates to our client firms. From interview to hiring, we naturally support the full range of necessary arrangements, and will continue our support through expert advice in order to assure success.

- Assess the client needs and specifications

- Ensure position's scope, responsibilities, compensation package and qualifications
- Research sources and prospects on proprietary database and network of contacts

- Identify the qualified candidates
- Screen and evaluate candidates

- Prepare detailed profiles
- Schedule interviews between the client and each candidate

- Obtain feedback from the client and the candidates

- Conduct the finalist interviews
- Negotiate salary and benefits

- Assist in preparing the offer letter
- Assist smooth transition

- Keep a close contact with the client and the successful candidate

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