Our Services

At TRANSEARCH, we start off by engaging in detailed consultation regarding your human resource and business management needs. We believe it is fundamental to fully understand the management strategy, market strategy, corporate culture and organisation of our clients. Our experienced consultants will develop plans based on their rich experience as to the qualifications necessary to accommodate the position you wish to fill. The search for the best qualified candidates is a task allowed only to professionals who have honed their ability to accurately judge the true capabilities and potential of individuals through actually meeting hundreds or even thousands of people over the course of a year. At our company, professional consultants take care of all phases from discovering individuals within Japan and overseas, with the talent and experience required of top executive jobs.

The worldwide activities of the various offices of TRANSEARCH group are producing their own unique results. Consultants in each country are continually engaged in information gathering activities, and at any office it is possible to arrive at qualified executives that are fully versed on the local situation of any region.
At TRANSEARCH International, we have a sure system which draws upon our worldwide network of information resources to enable search of the best qualified candidates both in Japan and overseas.


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